WWDC keynote as it happened

Watch Apple's WWDC keynote via our livestream
Apple’s annual WWDC keynote address is the biggest regular pronouncement from the world’s favourite fruit-flavoured tech manufacturer (face facts BlackBerry). We know that Apple will unveil the next versions of iOS and OS X, although we don’t know when they will be released or what the upgrades will entail. We are expecting updates to the interface, however. The smart money is on a new Mac Pro, too. But what else can we expect from the WWDC keynote?

Watch Apple's WWDC keynote via our livestream

We’re expecting improvments to Apple iCloud, in particular better APIs so that developers can do more with Apple’s online storage service. And don’t be surprised if Apple announces improvement to Apple Maps. If you’ve used it recently you’ll realise that it is already much improved. Here’s hoping Apple hasn’t lost its way and Maps is on today’s agenda.

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