Tesco Hudl 2 review

Tesco Hudl 2 review

Tesco Hudl 2 review

One of the best budget Android tablets to date, Tesco has done the unthinkable and stopped selling its Hudl 2. It’s still a great deal if you can find one, though. Here’s our Hudl 2 review.

Update 24 November: Although Tesco has discontinued the Hudl 2, it’s miraculously back in stock a day before Black Friday. If you’re quick you might be able to grab one for just £69 in one of the two colours available.

There’s a lot of competition to make the best cheap tablet and Tesco is one of the more successful non-tech brands to make a budget Android tablet in the Hudl 2. See: The best budget tablets 2015.

UPDATE October 2015: Tesco has taken its Hudl 2 off sale and is not planning to make a Hudl 3. You can still buy the Hudl 2 on eBay, but be warned that many sellers are pricing it way above its £99 RRP. 

UPDATE May 2015: Some users have reported problems getting their Hudls to charge to 100 percent, or even to charge at all. Tesco says this affects a very small number of owners, and our office Hudl 2 has no charging issues. Another problem is that a disproportionate number of owners have complained that their screens have cracked. Again, we haven’t had any issues with this. Cracked screens aren’t a problem limited to the Hudl, of course. 

In many tablets, the digitiser – the component which makes a screen touch-sensitive – is a thin piece of glass stuck on top of the colour LCD screen. It isn’t bonded directly to the LCD, though: it’s stuck around the edges and there’s an air gap between the cover glass and LCD screen. If something hits the screen (sharp objects particularly) there’s a good chance it will crack. Replacing the digitiser is difficult and therefore expensive. 

We recommend using a screen protector and buying a case for most tablets, including the Hudl 2.

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