Nexus 7 (2013) First Impressions: You Won’t Be Disappointed

Nexus 7 v2
[dropcap]C[/dropcap]all me a convert, call me traitor, but 8 months ago I jumped ship to Android – the Nexus 4 to be more specific – and aside from my photography woes, I’ve never looked back.  To be completely fair, the Android experience isn’t necessarily better, but just slightly different, more accommodating if you will.  I prefer the complete Google integration and while I’m not one to champion any brand over the next – I believe in each to their own – the Android OS has served me better in a variety of capacities that iOS never could.

First and foremost is Google’s Cloud.  Granted you can leverage this on your iPhone, but you’ll never achieve the same level of seamlessness as you do on an Android.

Chrome is fast and the search history is mirrored across all of my devices without issue.

The home screen widgets have proven to be vastly useful, decreasing my time spent flipping open apps, especially when it comes to looking for or creating email.

Apps.  They seem to install faster.  Not a big deal, but anything to reduce “drag” is a plus in my book.

Google Voice is accurate, works, and doesn’t feel like I’m hammering down the button on an intercom.  You should know what I’m talking about if you’ve used Siri.

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