How to make Android look like a PC

How to make Android like PC

The most obvious way to make an Android tablet more PC-like is to add some peripherals. There are three main ways to do this : Bluetooth, wireless, and wired.


The Bluetooth route is the neater option as there are already a wide range of Bluetooth keyboards and keyboard/stand hybrids available for Android tablets. In the past we’ve been impressed with the likes of the Inateck BK1003E Ultra-Slim Universal keyboard, alongside efforts from Microsoft and Belkin, but pretty much any Bluetooth keyboard should work.

How to make Android like PC

You might be surprised to know that a Bluetooth mouse also works on Android, and once you’ve paired the device with the tablet you’ll see a pointer icon appear on the screen, just like it would on Windows. It’s not exactly the same, as different apps seem to respond in different ways to button presses, but it doesn’t take long to work out what’s what and soon you’ll be pointing and clicking with the best of them.

To get up and running you can follow our guide on how to Connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your Android device.

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