Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx review


The Lynx is powered by a dual-core Intel Atom processor running at 1.8GHz.  That’s a netbook-class processor, so the fact that it scored only 1415 when running the PCMark 7 benchmark is hardly surprising.

However, that’s in line with similar Atom-based devices such as HP’s Envy X2 tablet, and it’s perfectly adequate for basic tasks such as web browsing and a spot of work in Word or Excel.

The Lynx also feels smooth and responsive when using its touch screen controls, but the main disadvantage of the Atom processor is that it supports a maximum of 2GB of memory.

The Lynx might struggle with more demanding tasks, due to the processor and RAM, so it isn’t quite a replacement for a conventional laptop for serious work. Don’t expect to edit and render HD video in record time, for example.

It’s a little light on storage too – almost 27GB of the 64GB solid-state storage is taken up by Windows itself, which only leaves you about 37GB for your own files. Fortunately, there’s a micro-SD slot that will allow you to add another 32GB storage if you need to.

The Atom processor also relies on the old Intel GMA integrated graphics, which means that your gaming activity will probably be restricted to casual games such as Angry Birds.

However, the modest processor does mean that battery life is very good – we got a full eight hours of streaming video out of the Lynx, so it should certainly see you through a long train or plane journey.

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