iPad mini review


Smaller than an iPad, but quite a bit bigger than an iPod touch, the iPad mini is a tablet that will fit in your handbag, but lets you do pretty much everything the 9.7-inch iPad can do.

It launched back in November 2012, but how does it fare almost eight months down the road? As is Apple’s way, the price remains constant while competitors have arrived at lower prices. The Nook HD and Nook HD+ are worthy rivals, both having higher resolution screens and straddling the iPad mini’s screen size at 7 and 9 inches respectively.

Amazon’s pair of Kindle Fire HD tablets also give you the option of 7- and 9-inch screens, but lock you into Amazon’s world. The Nooks, meanwhile, give you full access to Google Play. See also Amazon Kindle Fire HD review.

The iPad mini, of course, locks you into Apple’s world, but it’s arguably the best one. The real question, if you’ve already decided you don’t want to save money and get an Android tablet, is whether to wait for the rumoured iPad mini 2, which is likely to arrive with iOS 7 in a few months, and may well have a much higher resolution screen.

The iPad mini will also be updatable to iOS 7, so if you’re desperate to buy now, and you don’t mind living with the relatively low resolution screen, then read on…

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