IBM Lenovo X41 Tablet PC – Our Full Review



Excitement over the Tablet PC has gained steady momentum over the first half of 2005. Instead of existing soley for adoption by vertical markets such as the health/medical industry, law enforcement, academic and associated fields, awareness of the Tablet PC platform among general consumers has made a mad jump. Demand for Tablet PC’s has fianally increased to the point that several brand name mobile computingmanufacturers have entered the market with a variety of Tablet PC models, paving the way for many more to come. Enter Lenovo’s IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC and mobile computing consumers have a further renewed interest in the Tablet platform. Our read counts here at have peaked in response to this exciting new model. The red carpet has been rolled out for the grandest welcome for the X41 Tablet. Still many people are wondering “what’s all the fuss about”?

The new IBM Lenovo X41 Tablet PC was designed to fill a space that until now was empty. Imagine first and foremost a lightweight, full-featured notebook with outstanding battery life. At about 3.2 lbs. this notebook packs the best built-in security technology, full-scale wireless capabilities to connect to wireless networks and Bluetooth peripherals. A handy batch of features in a handsome and sturdy case, a responsive, full-sized notebook keyboard and a crisp, bright display. Add the ThinkPad brand name that you know you can trust. This is the makings for a top of the line notebook. But this notebook isn’t just a notebook. It doubles as a superb Tablet PC of course! Now you have a good impression of the X41 Tablet PC convertible.

Rather than sounding like a cheerleader, raving on and on for the ThinkPad, let’s jump in and explore what this machine has to offer. Read up and decide for yourself if the IBM Lenovo X41 Tablet PC is worth the hype, but most importantly the right Tablet PC for you!

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