How to download YouTube video to Android phone or Android tablet

Download YouTube to an Android phone or Android tablet

If one of the things for which you enjoy using your Android phone or Android tablet is to watch YouTube, the need to be in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot can be a pain. And if you are using a mobile data connection, watching those old favourites time and again can quickly put you over your allowance. The solution is to download YouTube videos to your Android device for offline viewing. (Click here to see how to download YouTube to an iPad or iPhone, and how to download YouTube to a PC or laptop.)

We originally wrote this article a couple of years ago, and some readers are now complaining that the TubeMate app we detail here is no longer working for them. We checked it out on our Samsung Galaxy S6 and found that a new version of the app is available, which works just fine, so it may be that you simply need to download the new version (note that because this app is sideloaded you won’t get app update notifications for it from Google Play).

Note that in publishing this tutorial we do not advocate the downloading of copyrighted videos, and in our examples are using only the videos on our own PC Advisor YouTube channel.

Also note that because our Samsung Galaxy S6 runs the TouchWiz UI, some of our screenshots will look a little different to your own experience, although the steps are the same on any Android phone or tablet.

Download YouTube to an Android phone or Android tablet

Step 1. Several free apps are available that let you download YouTube videos to your Android phone or Android tablet. We like TubeMate, but unsurprisingly you won’t find it at Google Play. Head to on your phone or tablet’s browser and click to download version 2.2.9 from one of the list of verified sites. We chose the first option: Android Freeware. The link will take you directly to the download page; click on the large Install app button, then click OK when your device warns you that the file you are downloading can harm your device. (It won’t harm your device, but you will get this notification any time you download an app installer file outside of Google Play.) See Android Advisor.

Download YouTube to an Android phone or Android tablet

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