What is the best music streaming service: Spotify alternatives?

Spotify player

Spotify is a truly great music streaming service but it has its drawbacks. Here’s a list of five Spotify alternatives for you to check out.

Spotify player

We love using Spotify but if you use the free service, for example, what do you do if you run out of listening time or it doesn’t have an artist or album you want to listen to? There are plenty of alternatives to Spotify out there, so we’ve pulled together some of the best for you to try (in no particular order).

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We can’t tell which one will suit your music taste or listening needs the best so we recommend you try them all out and choose which is best for you. You can, of course, use all them if you like.

Best Spotify alternatives


Now owned by Tesco, We7 operates on a website and app basis. You don’t even need to create an account to get started. Simply head to We7 in your browser and type an artist, genre, album or song and hit enter.

We7 is radio station based so you can’t just play any track you like all the time. The firm describes as like having a ‘personal dj’. There’re pre-set stations but you can also create your own from the 11 million track library. If you decide to make an account you get 50 requests for specific songs per month.

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