ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T Review

In the range of 10” tablets, the iPad reigns supreme. At just 9.7”, it is the unstoppable force that no company has managed to put a serious dent into for over two years. And while companies like Samsung have tried, their products have failed by comparison alone.

ASUS has the first amicable competitor, and it’s a refreshingly great tablet.

Aside from the long name, the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T is the best Android tablet there is, and potentially the best 10” tablet on the market today. It’s capable of laying this claim by exceptional performance, a wonderful array of software applications and powerful hardware, and a brilliant display that’s only true rival is Apple’s own Retina panel on the iPad.

What makes the TF700T so great? Let’s start with the hardware.


The TF700T is a spectacular piece of equipment on a technical basis alone. It’s one of the first devices to use NVIDIA’s new T33 Tegra 3 processors, which offers a 1.7GHz quad-core CPU with their fastest GPU to date. It has a 1080p display, one of the first for any Android device, and a Super IPS+ display (which we’ll get to in a bit). It has a front and rear camera (the latter of which takes some decent shots), and an HDMI-out connector along with a proprietary data/power connector.

Let’s talk for a second about that bod. The 10.1” tablet has a very well defined black glass bezel, but more importantly the edges of the design aren’t completely tapered; they’re flat first for better grip, and then they taper off to the side. This design, while uncommon, makes the device look and feel thicker, but also far more comfortable. The back of the tablet uses the same ASUS spinning design as the previous Transformer tablets, which looks great and helps keep dust and scratches at bay.

Then there’s the really spectacular Super IPS+ display. Unlike traditional IPS panels, ASUS made theirs especially bright, brighter in fact than all other smartphones and tablets I’ve ever tested. It’s the first tablet that is completely readable in direct sunlight. It’s brighter than the majority of laptop screens. It is by far the brightest display on a mobile device that you can buy.

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