ASUS Padfone vs. Apple iPad and iPhone 4S (comparison)

Padfone vs. iPadiPhone
We all want to have the latest gadgets, and nowadays that means tablets and smartphones. But having both is tough. Both are expensive and fairly similar in use and design. Tablets are better for viewing media, playing games and for video chat. Smartphones are better for calls (obviously), typed communications (text, email, etc.), and they’re far more portable.

But what if you could have both as a single system? Not a single device like the Samsung Galaxy Note, but two devices that work in tandem to the extent that they are sold together, plug into each other, and remain in sync? That’s what ASUS will attempt with the Padfone, an improperly-spelled tablet-smartphone combination that will attempt to fill that gap.


While the iPhone 4S and iPad are both small devices compared to the respective devices’ fiercest competitors, less so for the iPad, more and more people are buying bigger phones. And the iPhone has stayed the same 3.5″ over five years. Meanwhile phone sizes go up to 5.3″, but the Padfone stays at a manageable 4.3″, the current mainstay for all non-iPhone smartphones. It’s simply a more popular size.

As for the Padfone Station, or the actual tablet portion, it has a 10.1″ screen, barely different from the 9.7″ the iPad has. There are some clear differences between the devices, which are discussed more below, but in terms of size alone the Padfone is thicker and larger. For tablets thicker isn’t always better, and in my use of the iPad I’m very happy with the thickness. So it’s a tough call.

The Padfone is also heavier, as expected for a bigger device. Ultimately though, the phone is the bigger part of both pairs, so unless you have tiny hands, we have a clear winner.

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