Archos 28 And 32 Android PMP “Tablets”

archos PMP
Archos comes steaming out of the gate at CES with two new portable media players powered by Android and by the well-known Archos policy of pricing things as low as manufacturing will allow. Models 28 and 32 have, surprisingly, 2.8 and 3.2 inch screens, and come with the over-reaching ‘internet tablet’ moniker.

Pretty small for a tablet, don’t you think so, Archos? That’s not to say that these little players, with their WiFi capability and Android platform aren’t extremely nice for the $100 and $150 price.

They both come with 8GB of storage, which will hold a bit of songs while you chat and play and Facebook your life away, and all the other things you can do with a mini-micro-tablet. And the Music Cover Carrousel app churns through album covers like a fat kid through McDonalds hamburgers, especially since it lets you add widgets to the home screen for faster access to your choice of musical poison.

Build in accelerometer and Open GL 3D technology brings these babies up to speed with whatever games can be player on smartphone-sized tablets.

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