Archos 101 XS Android Tablet Review

Everyone wants to touch it. No that’s not a new Nicki Minaj club hit. It’s the current way the tech wind blows. Fondle-friendly touchscreen tablets are multiplying.  It seems a new contender enters the competitively turbid waters bi-monthly. Exaggeration, maybe! But you get the message. An army of slabs is mounting, collectively pointing their WiFi antennas at Apple’s iOS darlings–and for good reason.

So the tablet trend is not slowing down. The days of the mouse might be numbered, but the merit of a good companion keyboard is hard to dispute. Enter the new Archos 101 XS Android tablet, the flagship slate from the freshly minted Gen X10 tablet line from Archos.  It’s sporting the delicious Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Android OS, impressively thin form factor and an innovative companion keyboard/docking system. There are a slew of notable features, functions and software. So let’s jump in with both hands for a scrutinizing caress.


Cranking under the hood, the Archos 101 XS tablet makes use of a OMAP 4470 CPU (dual core TI clocked at 1.5GHz) with a PowerVR SGX544 GPU (which is getting extremely long in the tooth -ed.) The dual core TI is the exact same processor in the Galaxy Tab 2 (OMAP 4430 clocks at 1GHz). Gaze at this sexy slim new slab through a nice sizeable 10.1-inch screen. Unfortunately glory is held at arms length with that paltry 1280 x 800 screen resolution. Users will also find 16GB of flash memory storage, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI-out and a 720p front camera.

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