Archos 101 G9 Review

It seems like every company out there is trying to put out a tablet now a days, and Archos is no different.  With so many different ten inch tablets coming in costing more than $400 mark, they’re not as budget friendly as the smaller tabs for people who don’t need a full on computer (or want a little supplement that won’t break the bank) – Archos wants to change the mold there with this model.  While most tablets don’t bring much innovation to the table, sometimes you get something really neat like the G9.  Even though you could consider this a “budget” ten inch model, it still holds up relatively well to some of the more robust ten inch tabs.

The Archos G9 is loaded with nifty little features that you’ll be hard pressed to find in other tablets.  For one, it has a “kick stand” in the back of it – and this is something you would normally have to buy an expensive tablet case to get.  That alone is worth noting, because cases that offer something like that (and that actually deliver a useable stand) run $50+.  That’s money that you won’t need to spend once you get a G9 – something welcome in today’s economy.  The stand might look small and that it would be flimsy, but I found it to be very good quality, and perfect for watching a TV show or a movie on the go – provided you’re not trying to stream the media unless you’re on WiFi.  Unfortunately the G9 isn’t tied to any service provider for 3G out of the box, but Archos does sell an add-on adapter to enable 3G for the provider of your choice.  I understand the desire to give people the freedom to choose their own provider, but it would be nice to see the “3G Stick” included without an extra cost.  One thing about the add-on that is good though, is that it is a standard USB modem – meaning you can take it out of the tablet when you don’t need it, and drop it into a laptop so you only will need one data plan (One Plan to Cover Them All – apologies to Lord of the Rings fans everywhere for that).

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