Apple iPad mini 2 Review


It is impossible to ignore the gorgeous 2048 x 1536 display on the newest iPad mini, which packs a whopping 326 ppi into its 7.9 inches; up from 163 ppi in the first-generation iPad mini. Competitors, such as the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, have slightly smaller screens, at 7 inches. Also, the iPad mini’s extra inch of screen space makes the device appear less oblong when compared side by side to its competitors.

Apple iPad mini with Retina display Side ViewThe generous resolution on the iPad mini 2 display offers a great experience, and it has never been easier to read tiny text on websites not yet optimized for mobile. Opening the Kindle app is a delight; the crisp black text pops off the white page, and is comfortable to read. Streaming videos delivered excellent image quality, and even the small text displayed under each app on the home was so clear that it made the iPad 2 look blurry in comparison.

Buttons and Ports

The device features a front-facing 1.2 MP camera that can capture 720p HD video, and a rear-facing camera with 5MP that can record 1080p video.

On the bottom front of the device, users will find the familiar circlar Home button that is used to do so much on the tablet. The top right edge, along the bezel of the device features the wake, sleep, and power button with the headphone jack located to the left. The slide button on the right side of the bezel can be set to either lock the screen rotation or to mute/unmute the device. Right below the slider, are the volume buttons, and instead of the traditional rocker, the iPad mini features two separate buttons, the top one controls the up volume and the lower button controls the down volume. Finally, the 8-pin lightning port and speakers can be found at the very bottom of the device, along the bezel.

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