Apple iPad Air Review

Apple iPad Air in Portrait Mode

Ever since the launch of the first iPad, there has been pressure on Apple to reduce the overall size of each successive generation. What people who couldn’t understand the need for the large bezels on either side of their screens didn’t realize was that all that that “excess” space made room for very large batteries. And the iPad’s ability to go a full workday without needing a charge is one of its hallmarks.

Apple iPad Air in Portrait Mode

corresponding decrease in weight. Doing so required making the processor and the screen use much less power — without reducing the quality of these components. That’s how the company was able to produce a computer that’s 0.3 inches thick and just a pound in weight.

While any reduction in size and weight is welcome, regular users of previous-generation iPads won’t find themselves astonished by how light it is. Although after using it for a while, they might be surprised by how heavy their old iPad is in comparison.

The change in shape does make it a bit more difficult to use this device in portrait mode, as there’s less room on the sides to hold it without accidentally touching the screen. Even though it isn’t as wide as its predecessors, only those with very large hands will be able to palm it.

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