Amazon Kindle Voyage review


The Kindle Voyage is now two years old, but even without a price drop it’s still among thebest e-readers you can buy. (Amazon has since launched the Kindle Oasis, which is also brilliant but even pricier still.) With Black Friday coming up next week, we’re hoping for a deal on the Amazon Kindle Voyage that will improve its value no end. Don’t wait until Black Friday though, since Amazon’s Black Friday deals have already begun – see our pick of thebest Black Friday deals.

Over the past few years, eReader prices have dropped hugely and you can now buy the 7th-generation Kindle which has a touchscreen for £59 (actually right now it’s on offer at £56.99). Some rivals cost even less, even if you want a backlit model. Now Amazon has launched a high-end eReader for serious bookworms; here’s our Kindle Voyage review.

Back in 2012, Amazon released its first lit-screen Kindle, the Paperwhite. It cost the same as the model it replaced, the Kindle Touch at £109. Given that technology generally drops in price, launching an eReader for £169 is a very bold move indeed.

It looks especially expensive next to Amazon’s own range of Fire tablets, which includes several models cheaper than the Voyage, so what’s the fuss about?

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