Amazon Kindle 2016 review


Only those spoilt by the ridiculous luxury of the Kindle Oasis will balk in anyway at the build quality here. Sure, its cheaper plastic casing isn’t top of the line, but the Kindle’s simplicity is its secret weapon. There are no distractions; it has touchscreen input, no backlight and just one physical button (sleep/wake/off). When you’re reading a book, you can’t get much simpler than the page and a blank white border. It’s just like (whisper it) a book.

At first we were sceptical about the white model but it’s actually very inoffensive. If anything, it’s more comfortable to read as it is closer to the white of a page, whereas some black Kindles give the feeling of a boxed-in screen, which is best to avoid in order to get lost in the latest John Le Carré.

The new Kindle measures 160mm x 115mm x 9.1mm. This is actually smaller than the Kindle Paperwhite and only 1.4mm thicker than the Kindle Voyage. Like every Kindle available at the moment, the screen is 6in diagonally. It’s also the second lightest Kindle in the range at 161g – the only model lighter is the Oasis, and even that one is heavier then you’ve got the battery cover attached.

Here’s our comparison of all the current Kindles available.

The new Kindle is seriously svelte, with a flat back compared to the previous generation’s angled casing. We could fit the new model into the inside pocket of a coat but it’s not phone sized so don’t try shoving it in your jeans. In short, you’ll struggle to find a better-designed e-reader at this price. It is quite plasticy though. Then again, it’s made of plastic.

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