Acer Iconia A1 review


The budget Android tablet market is booming right now, and Acer’s entry into the race is this £149.99 tablet. Read our Acer Iconia A1 review to find out more. See: The 6 best tablets with expandable memory.

The Nexus 7 has been a huge success, so it’s hardly a surprise that Acer has decided to release a budget model of its own. Here’s our Acer Iconia A1 review. Take a look at Group test: what’s the best cheap tablet PC? too.

PC Advisor recently held a poll to find out for what people used their tablets for most. The result was a whopping 52 percent of people revealing that they used their tablets for web browsing the most (based on 7,527 votes). With that result alone it’s not hard to understand what Acer is trying to achieve with the Iconia A1. It’s an affordable way for people to get their hands on a tablet and use it to browse the web – the 3G version for £209 will be pretty tempting for those who want to surf the web on the go too. See also: Group test: what’s the best tablet PC? and Group test: what’s the best Android tablet?

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